Friday, November 28, 2008

The MPs ARE THE PEOPLE, And The People Are Speaking...

This thing can't stop now. If we back off, the Cons will introduce the party funding issue all by itself later on, and we will end up with the opposition having to defeat the government over that issue alone...

It will get ugly, but we need to fight back.

63% of the Country didn't vote Conservative, and now they are ALL uniting together to overthrow Harper who is only a small angry minority. Canadians are speaking through their MPs - which is the way a Parliamentary democracy works.

This is not the American Republic - where the President rules... The elected MPs ARE THE PEOPLE, and they are speaking.

A coalition is THE MOST DEMOCRATIC FORM OF GOVERNMENT, as it shows "mature", diplomatic people coming together to agree to govern a nation.  The world's largest democracy has had coalitions for most of the past 50 years (India).  It has allowed to inclusion of a broad range of peoples with often differing views - people who often trade gunshots, not just words.

A coalition proves people CAN work together - the purest form of democracy.  

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Eugene Forsey Liberal said...


Anonymous said...

67% didn't vote Conservative...ah yes that old line.

Well, about

74% of Canadians voted AGAINST the Liberals.

82% voted AGAINST the NDP

That seems like a rather stunning rejection of those two parties.

Or...are you saying that the Liberals, NDP and Bloc are identical and can therefore be lumped into one party?

CuriosityCat said...


Anonymous said...

Yup and soon the Bloq will hold the balance of power. The NDP will have the ministry of finance. A recipe for huge success right there. Good luck guys.

Trevor said...

"67% of the Country didn't vote Conservative"

Actually 63.73% didn't vote Conservative. by the same logic 69.77% didn't vote for the Liberals to form government. Let's not even get into Dion as PM with his dismal approval ratings.

wilson said...

''The elected MPs ARE THE PEOPLE, and they are speaking''

No, the Liberal executive is speaking, they will appoint the new leader to head the attempted seizure of an elected government.

Perhaps not all of you MPs will want to sit in a government with Finance Minister Layton.

And Layton just spoke, the price of his support is to can the corporate tax cuts. Done, Dion caved.
And Duceppe just spoke, Dion caved to his demands for more money for Quebec.

No people have spoken yet.

Anonymous said...

Fact is - the opposition parties together hold a majority of the votes.

This majority of votes held by the opposition parties together should have a say - they are our representatives.

Wilson - you again? No life, nothing to do? Nothing to offer...sigh.

Harper needs to grow up and learn to play well with others.

Oldschool said...

Not about popular vote . . . its about seats . . . and the libs have few!!
So now . . . you have to kiss up to happy Jack, who you hated a few weeks ago . . . and bend over for the separatists . . . oh how that could hurt!!!!
Bet the lefty coalition could get Canada in as bad shape as the US in 6 weeks . . . you guys don't have a clue!!!
Imagine pulling your hair out over not getting funds from the taxpayer . . . who lost the most funds? Why the Cons.
I as a taxpayer would rather not fund political parties . . . why not let the believers fund the party?
Same old crap . . . everyone can cut back in tough times . . . excep left-leaning politicians who always have their hand out.
Next the lefty losers will be in the streets like Odinga's Kenya . . . Canada heading for 3rd world political system!!!