Friday, November 28, 2008

Ralph Goodale For PM In Coalition Government

We need a steady economic hand with strong ties to the NDP in charge in Ottawa. Mr. Goodale fits that bill. He has built working relationships with people of all political persuasions. He is a true diplomat and very politically savvy. Mr. Goodale knows the government intimately - he understands departments and cabinet roles. He has held the "top posts" in Cabinet, and he is a pit bull in Parliament. Believe me, we will need a "pitt bull" in the months to come if we defeat this Conservative government... If we think they're an angry lot now, just see what happens when they're back in the Opposition benches. It will get ugly before it get's "nice". They will curb sharply back to their Neo-Conservative ideological bent, and try to do anything to color all the opposition as a bunch of "left-wing commies" (their words).

I Support The Liberal Victory Fund

Our only answer will be good governance (as in the time of Mr. Pearson's minorities).

Mr. Goodale is an exceptional manager, extremely intelligent, and yet has the "retail political skills" required to be a shrewd master in the turbulent times to come. He has shown his vast economic skills in working as Finance Minister, and building up a contingency fund for Canadians (which Harper's Cons have squandered).

With a change in government, Harper will also be ousted as leader of his party. A Western Liberal leader, who is familiar with Rural and Urban issues, as well as a strong advocate for the West, will be just the person to steer us through the times where we MAY gain Western seats with a disorganized Conservative Party in disarray.

Ralph Goodale would be the best choice for PM in the months and years ahead - in a coalition government.

I Support The Liberal Victory Fund

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Eugene Forsey Liberal said...

Dude, we have a democratically elected leader. His name is St├ęphane Dion.

Ralph's a good guy, but even were your scenario to make any sense, don't you think the PM of Canada should be bilingual?

Cari said...

I agree with you.I think Ralph would make a good leader, until the leadership convention.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Dion is the duely elected leader of the Liberal Party, leader of the loyal opposition, and will be PM in any coalition.

Anonymous said...

If we need to appoint an interim leader, can't it be a woman? We are the only federal party to never have had a woman leader - it's deeply, deeply embarrassing.

That being said, I agree that we should stick with the leader we've got.

WesternGrit said...

I only offer up the option since Mr. Dion had tendered his resignation from the position. I had heard talk of leaders other than the 3 party leaders, AND a good way to avoid one leader vs. another, is to have a person who is not leader step up - especially if they are on good talking terms with key NDP "higher ups" (Ralph is).

As far as the French - Ralph CAN speak French, just not any better than Harper (and HE became PM). Besides, the presence of the Bloc in any coalition would mitigate the need for a French-speaking leader. There would be Bloc members in Cabinet.

Ralph is also someone who can establish a beach-head in Western Canada, and with rural voters given his immense knowledge of agriculture and agri-business.

Add to that his fierce, but diplomatic, Parliamentary presence...

Aaron said...

Scott Brison makes it fairly clear today in an interview with the Globe and Mail that Stephane Dion is the leader of the Liberal party and thus would be the leader of a coalition government until a new leader of the Liberal party is chosen.

I like Ralph Goodale too. But I bet he is alright with the Dion leadership until things are sorted out.

WesternGrit said...

I'll repeat, I only offered up the alternative, if a big deal was made of his quitting his role... Also was making the point if the other parties couldn't agree on one of the three leaders to be PM, then someone with the most cabinet and executive experience of all would be suitable. A former cabinet minister in multiple roles, a former house leader in government, and a former Provincial leader, with an immaculate fiscal manager's record. Ralph is the most experienced top level MP on the Hill right now.

... And he adds the Western angle - meaning the West would have a strong voice in Parliament...