Saturday, November 22, 2008

"Make No Mistake", Harper's Arrogance "Is Beyond The Pale"

A couple of phrases Harper loves to regurgitate (in our title). A true "tell" of genius is the ability/capacity to use a variety of terminology when speaking. Harper, quite obviously, isn't quite there yet.

Harper is a drop-out ego-maniac, and certainly not an "economist". He has continually rejected the advice of the country's top (and a vast majority of) experts.

What exactly do we say in private life about a business manager (or head of household) who refuses to take advice, is a "know-it-all", and is a control freak? On-the-way-out. That's what. If you're an overbearing head of household, expect a divorce. If you're an arrogant, know-it-all business manager who never takes the advice of his/her team, consider your days with the company numbered....

It's a wonder the national media continues to sweep this story under the table. I guess advertising revenue from Big Oil, big Canadian companies, and defense contractors is more important than the truth? More important than seniors losing billions in pensions. More important than Canadians being put back decades on their RRSP and mutual fund savings. Remember too, that Harper's Conservatives made it POSSIBLE for Canadians to get 40 year, 0 down mortgages in the first two years of their rule (before changing the rules only a week before the election - when the US market had tanked). They also pushed people to purchase more RRSPs and mutual funds. They based an entire campaign on "buy houses young families!", with Harper preening in front of the cameras on new home sites. Don't even get me started on the income trust lie - which cost seniors billions in life's savings.

When Stephen Harper was elected in 2006, the VERY FIRST thing I felt was a sharp pain in the gut. Then I feared he would take over the massive Liberal surplus and fritter it away via tax cuts which mean nothing for the common man. After all, he and his ilk have been crying about tax cuts since the 80s. They had entire platforms based solely on tax cuts. They talked about little else. Canadians should have known what was coming...

It is sickening for a LOT of Canadians to observe what Harper has wrought with the economy, then observe his attempts to snake out of it. Harper will do everything he can to blame someone else for his problems - and the Canadian economy's problems. He was given a giant surplus, AND a contingency fund for rainy days. Harper's Conservatives CHOSE TO FRITTER AWAY THE SURPLUS and use up the contingency fund. Now we (Canadians) are in what one could call a "rainy day", and we have nothing to fall back on. That's what we call shrewd planning. This man has no principles. What's scary, however, is not Stephen's "beyond the pale" arrogance. No, he's not so frightening, actually. He's the human version of Garfield the cat, with perhaps a little Mussolini thrown in (the egoist part). What's really frightening is what's in the last passage: the media has sat back and watched. Two studies by reputable universities concur that media reporting was very biased towards pro-Harper stories and coverage.


We need to ensure that Canadians are aware of what the Conservatives have wrought. It is our duty as a party. It is our duty as an opposition - as THE Official Opposition. It won't be easy. as Opposition, we will get less media opportunities. We will have to make them ourselves. We need to create events that attract new members, AND attract media. Our Leadership Convention is just one part of it. We need to have more interesting public events BEYOND the convention... Each riding needs to be active. This is where the "renewal" will come in. Better funding for ridings will not only increase the vote count and dollar/vote intake, but it will help hold more interesting riding functions, and better attended ones. This is how we hook the press (that, and having interesting politicians speak about interesting and visionary topics). The media wouldn't ignore a local event attended by 100s or 1000s of the public.

Harper's arrogance will come home to bite him in the backside - eventually - but, we'll need to do our part to ensure that we're ready to supplant him. When we're done, it won't be Harper salivating over the Liberal Party's demise, but us celebrating the rending asunder of Harper's ill-conceived "Frankenstein" party of the right, back to it's Reform roots. I have great hope for this leadership convention. We have 3 marvelous choices - any of which are more capable than Harper... All able to send "Mr. Beyond-The-Pale" back to his lair.

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