Friday, November 21, 2008

Crime Is Big Business For Conservatives

It's been splashed about the news lately about the private prison system in the US, and key US conservatives' involvement. Dick Cheney, former Attorney General Gonzales, and others are owners in private prison networks throughout the US. Last week indictments were issued by Texas Grand Juries in a case involving funding and abuse at some South Texas prisons.

So let me get this straight... Top conservatives in North America own, control, or are on the Boards of Directors of all the private prison companies, private defense/security firms (like Blackwater), and what I like to call "war leetches" or "war benefits companies" (depending on which perspective you take) - the Halliburtons of the world...

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These same top conservatives are on the boards of private companies/"think-tanks" like the Fraser Institute (Cheney). Some of these very same people sit on the boards of major media chains like CanWest Global, the Murdoch Empire, etc.

These same conservatives (people like Dick Cheney) advocate for more "law and order". What do they prefer for law and order? More prisons! More cops on the street. Now here's the kicker... They prefer NOT to provide funding for these things. Rather, they would let the states/provinces "figure it out". What does that mean? Either cut in key areas like hospitals, roads, public regulatory agencies, etc., OR take the easy, "free enterprise" route - meaning privatize everything.

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Hmmm... Who benefits from the privatization? Oh, I don't know... Let me see... Could it be satan? (whoops, I mean the private "security" and prison companies)....

All I have to say to Canadians is watch out for Harper and his minions up here. A lot of his Canadian "mentors" and corporate "sponsors" sit (or sat) on the same boards as Cheney and his ilk. They are crying for the same things up here (the so-called "law and order" agenda, even more prisons, when we can't afford the ones we have). Along with this, this crew has been selling the usual products they love to sell: fear, insecurity, distrust. They constantly remind us about crime - even when all crime (including violent) is lower than it has been in decades. They constantly talk about "terror" like it is a person, and how they're fighting him (Mr. Terror, that is).

I Support The Liberal Victory Fund

Support their version of "law and order", so you can put money in THEIR pockets... Hmmm... Good plan - if you're a senior conservative somewhere in North America.

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