Sunday, October 12, 2008

Door Knocking In Fleetwood Port Kells Today (Greater Vancouver)

Ahhh... What a pleasure knocking an area that is so, so, so much in tune with reality.  Went knocking doors in an upscale part of Fleetwood-Port Kells today (in Surrey).  We were ready to pop corks after the session.  Of the people at home, we had an over 90% "Liberal" ID, and we also had roughly 75% of them agree to a lawn sign.  

We had a couple of "we don't want Nina Grewal to win" comments, and lot's of "we're always Liberal" comments.  When I was placing signs on one street, a young lady waved me over (we had knocked her home earlier, but they weren't home).  She asked for a Brenda Locke lawn sign!  

My Neighborhood is a sea of red.  Looking forward to pulling the vote on Tuesday.  Will post pics in the next few hours.

Hope E-day is as good as today was.  It was certainly a huge confidence boost for our candidate!

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penlan said...

Thanks for this very encouraging post. And all your hard work!