Monday, October 13, 2008

Why A Liberal Government Would Improve Our Chances In Tough Economic Times...

Beyond the "action plan" and magnificent platform we have, the Liberal Party has several great ways of growing our economy in the troubled times ahead.  

Unlike our Conservative government, Liberals aren't in the habit of pissing off 90% of the world, and leaving only our economically crippled neighbor to the South as a "friend" and trading partner.  

While Conservatives created enemies in South and Central America, Europe, and Asia, Liberal governments build bridges to countries around the world.  While people like Harper and Jason Kenney launched infantile attacks on the Chinese, or the French, or the 90% of the world that supported Kyoto, Liberal governments had "Team Canada Trade Missions" which shored up billions of dollars in new trade for Canadian companies worldwide.  

The Team Canada trade missions alone accounted for a huge part of Canada's economic growth over the past 10 years.  Canadian companies formed new partnerships overseas, sold technologies and resources, and ensured all their "eggs" weren't in the US "basket" (basket-case?).

Liberals have always used their moderate, balanced philosophy to ensure the world had an understanding of Canada, a knowledge of Canada's values, and a RESPECT for Canada, that simply doesn't exist under a Conservative government which hates or mistrusts most of the world; a Conservative government without an independent foreign policy.

Only the wise, balanced, and moderate hand of a Liberal government can rescue Canada from the crisis to come.  Only a party which sits at the center of the political spectrum, and sees a balance of the best ideas of left and right can ensure that the best ideas are adopted in guaranteeing the ascendancy of this great land.  Only a party that is not hung up on one or the other ideological extreme can manage to utilize the "best of both worlds" in ensuring economic success.  Only one party can navigate the right blend of social and developmental programs, economic stimulus packages, and financial policies, that will enable our great land to remain on it's feet.

Only one party - the Liberal Party of Canada!

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The Mound of Sound said...

Hey WG, ask yourself this. If we've had a highly trained economist standing in for a prime minister these past two and a half years, why did our Economist in Chief not see this shitstorm coming and why did he do nothing, absolutely nothing, to prepare Canada and Canadians for the hit heading our way? If Steve didn't see this coming or simply didn't do anything to fend it off, what in hell is anyone doing re-electing such a jackass?