Friday, October 10, 2008

Liberal Plan For Current Slowdown

We've heard lots about the Liberal plan for the current economic crisis. Mr. Dion and Team Liberal have some very solid ideas on IMMEDIATELY managing the crisis. It is true that lots of it depends on seeing the Flaherty books - and we ALL know what Flaherty books can look like (just ask Dalton McGuinty).

The 30 day and 50 day plans will certainly help display economic stewardship LED BY A STRONG GOVERNMENT. This is not any different from what is being done in Europe.

I have also heard we will be resuming the Team Canada Trade Missions. This is a brilliant idea. Flaherty and Harper irresponsibly talked up the Canadian dollar so much that it stopped direct foreign investment in Canada. It hurt Canadian manufacturing and industry. It hurt our exports. When Harper and Flaherty talked up the dollar, they also created a situation in which Canadians - a lot of them the Oil Barons of Alberta - were able to invest further in a troubled US economy. Canadian money went offshore. This was sheer folly. By resuming the trade missions to Asia, Europe, and South America, we will send a clear message that Canada is still strong economically, still burgeoning with highly skilled workers, and still the "king" of resources.

I applaud our leaders for thinking of resuming the Trade Missions. We have a very sellable country - under a moderate Liberal government, which paints Canada with the brush of balance and moderation. We certainly have a less sellable country in a land seen as "Bush-light" (isn't that a beer?) led by the Bush stooly Conservative government... which can't even write a speech without Bush's help...

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