Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Economic Experts: Carbon Tax Is Correct Way To Go

That's right, "economic" experts - not just environmental experts - are completely supporting the carbon tax as the best thing for the economy. Today 220 of Canada's top economists (note: Stephen Harper our "Sub-Prime Minster" is NOT one of them) stood together in firm support of the carbon tax.

It appears that Canada's top economists are very concerned about continued neoConservative government! Here is the complete story from the Ottawa Citizen (and obviously in other CanWest Papers today). These are economists who "wrote the book" on economics in Canada. Quite literally: the head of the group is responsible for "Economics" a text book used throughout Canadian universities...

Oh yeah... and these experts aren't even considering the income tax cuts the Liberals are proposing to offset the carbon tax... Wow! an economists approved plan that ALSO gives us all a tax break? It's what we've been saying for months - while all Harper had was Puffin poop.

Meanwhile, all our Sub-Prime Minister can do is suggests Canadians are in a "good time to buy stock". Yeah right Steve, with what money? Should we sell our homes for less than we bought them?

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