Saturday, October 11, 2008

Harper Will Sell Out Canada - And He's Promising To Do So

"Steve" - Dubya's best buddy has long wanted to dismantle Canada. Our Sub-Prime Minister followed Bush-style NeoConservative policy when he loosened restrictions on "0-down" mortgages, and 40/50 year terms... leading to the weaking of the Canadian financial sector.

There is an election "promise" made by Harper, which may even be MORE INSIDIOUS than what he's already done: Harper has promised to loosen up foreign ownership restrictions so he may - in his words - "stimulate the economy". Hmmm... I guess when your family is in financial hardship you start selling your sofas, beds, TV, kitchen, etc... No talk of stimulating the economy with more green jobs, more infrastructure building (something we badly need in our urban centers). No talk of fixing the safety net for middle and low income Canadians in trying times to come.

Harper will stop at nothing to dismantle Canada as we know it. He's started doing so in an minority situation. He can continue in a minority situation - however, he would really unleash armageddon in a majority.

Here is a guy (and government) who mimed the Bush line of "the fundamentals of our economy are sound" right up to this last week of the campaign. His plan? No plan. Do nothing. Let the storm hit. Support your rich friends and the Oil Patch. Feed the rest of Canada a lot of crap about "having a plan all along" (even though he denied there was a problem).

We can only pray/hope that Harper doesn't even get close to his coveted majority...

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