Thursday, October 09, 2008

Harper Gaffe: Calls "Afghanis-nam" Mission an "Invasion"

Speaking in Richmond BC this morning, Stephen Harper put his foot in his mouth...  He called the Afghan mission/policing action an "invasion".  

An invasion is the last think the Arab world, the Middle East, and the new South Asian reality needs to hear right now.  The terrorists are jumping up and down with glee.  One of their enemies just admitted - to a large audience - that the military action there is an invasion.  Wow!

How does the world view military adventurism?  How do families of soldiers feel, when they learn their child's life was put at risk to "invade" another country?  This statement is purely disrespectful of soldiers and their families...

Meanwhile, while Harper's shock troops try to smear Mr. Dion with the type of attack the Mr. Cretien faced in 1993, the economy tanks...

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