Sunday, October 05, 2008

Is The Attempted Murder/"Election Vandalism" Organized Bullying?

How does one explain Liberal homes and families targeted in separate incidents in separate ridings across Canada?  From Halton, to Southwestern Ontario, to Downtown and suburban Toronto, just what is going on?

These identical "incidents" are a little too "exactly the same" to be "random acts of vandalism".  The NDP and Greens are probably a little too "nice" and "non-aggressive" to be participating in such organized non-sense.  Yes, I've had dippers kick over lawn signs in tight campaigns, but nothing so openly aggressive.

Who is organizing these events?  Is it a part of someone's door-knocking blitz?  Media outlets need to be looking into this.  This is just too coincidental - and too obviously directed in one direction.  This violence is sickening.  Would a party that is in the open about it's policies do this?  I doubt it.  This is the low-down dirty, fearful, hateful, action of a "hidden campaign".  

One can only hope the police come across some surveillance video or witnesses to help determine who is responsible for these heinous acts.  There is no place for such acts in the friendly democracy of Canada.

Having said that, I am pretty concerned about anyone who would use such "bullying" tactics in an election.  I think we all have some pretty good idea as to who is involved.  Frankly, we're tired of the bullying.  

Time to do what Grandma used to tell us and sock that bully in the nose (figuratively, of course)!  Time to win this election for the good guys!

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