Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Sub-Prime Minister Harper Moves Against Youth Downloading Music & Movies

The Sub-Prime Minister intends to re-introduce Bill c-61. This is the controversial bill to make MP3 downloads illegal. Combine that with Harper's desire to jail 14 year olds, and it's a recipe for disaster. Imagine a prison system packed full of 14 year old "MP3 felons"... Wow. Talk about punitive!

What Mr. Harper fails to understand is that there WAS a deal established by the previous Liberal government and the Recording Industry Association, which levied a small amount on every single blank CDR/RW, DVDR/RW, and all other blank media. This "deal" put the collected tax/levy directly into the hands of the recording industry. End of story.

Now, with lobbying and pressure from the big industry - as well as the Conservative's "monkey-see-monkey-do" attitude towards policy in the US, Harper has attempted (once already in the last session) to give the recording industry even more.

Nowhere has Harper indicated he would cut the initial levy. So, we will suffer twice (once when we buy the blank media, and once when we pay for the policing required to charge anyone who downloads movies and music). As far as any Canadian should be concerned, any music or video download is completely legal.

Time for young people all over Canada to wake up to this new reality...

Remember: Harper intends to put 14 year-olds in adult prison, and NOW, he's going to make your MP3 downloads "illegal". Put those two together, and you can see what most sane people see: Harper is unleashing an unprecedented attack on Canada's youth.

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