Thursday, October 09, 2008

Harper Minority As Dangerous As Majority

A Stephen Harper minority government would be as dangerous for Canada as a majority. Experts believe the election is now "up in the air" - and I agree with them, BUT any result with a Harper government will be extremely bad for Canada...


We have all seen how Harper ruled with his current minority. For two years he bullied and lied and rammed through enough rightist ideas. In another minority situation, Harper would ram his agenda down everyone's throats. He KNOWS that Canadians would be extremely unhappy with yet another election. In tough times, who wants to spend another $300,000,000 on an election? The issue that would force an election would have to be HUGE (capital punishment, abortion, anything constitutional). Many smaller issues - of equal importance to millions of Canadians - would be left by the wayside.

Trends are showing a "statistical tie" in the polls. The trends continue to advance the Liberals at the expense of the Conservatives and NDP. We know that by "E day" - barring any rabbits popping out of hats - there may even be a slight Liberal lead.

Liberals need to ensure we are ALL working hard to ID and pull the vote - and to speak passionately with NDP and Green voters, asking them if they really want another 4 years like the past 2.

Let's all get out there and ensure we have at least a minority Liberal government on Oct. 14th. I think over 2/3s of Canadians want to see Harper sneer his concession speech...

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