Saturday, October 25, 2008

Leadership: Don't Forget To Oppose

One thing we cannot forget to do during the leadership campaign, is to ensure we do not forget to be THE opposition.  Throughout our last contest, all we heard in the public/media narrative was, "everyone in the Liberal Party is running for leader - no-one is opposing the government".  Even after Mr. Dion was elected, there were comments about his not being visible enough, spending time fund-raising his way out of leadership debt, and, of course, not opposing and defeating the government on a number of issues.

This time around, let's keep this small, short, sweet, and efficient.  Let's get the whole party to elect a new leader, give him/her a clear mandate, and march on this government with guns loaded, and hammers cocked...


Yappa said...

I agree completely. What would be ideal would be to start a program now of pressuring Harper, and have it in full swing when the new leader takes over. We also need to formulate a strategy, before the next leader takes over, to counter the character assassination ads that will start as soon as he wins. Money helps a lot in effective PR, but there are other ways to get the message out.

Mowich said...

That is very sound advice for the Liberal party. You might want to add the fact that they need to address their woefully outdated party finance policies.

It is good news for Canada if the Liberals really are able to mount an effective opposition to our Conservative government. Better for the people, the country and the image of your party