Monday, October 06, 2008

"Sub-Prime" Minister Harper Lies To Canadians?

So "Steve's" been telling Canadians - for months - that "the fundamentals of our economy are strong", and basically glossing over the ills being caused by the US economic (wildly speculative completely free-wheeling enterprise) system worldwide.

Today, Harper admits that there "might" be a problem, and that Canada wouldn't necessarily weather the storm easily. Still more suspiciously, Harper and Flaherty indicate they had a plan going back to last year regarding this situation.


So they've both been standing there flat out lying to everyone?

How many billions of dollars of OUR cash got flushed down the financial toilet because Harper and Flaherty were misguiding Canadians on the seriousness of the situation? I probably would have pulled all my Mutual Funds into something more stable weeks ago, if anyone had indicated to me that such a financial storm was coming.

Will anyone be holding Harper and Flaherty responsible for this very deceptive mis-direction?

What are the results of sitting and doing nothing?

Where's the economic stimulus?

How can a last-minute platform scraped together from the platforms of the "serious about Canada" parties do anything serious to help with this situation?

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