Saturday, October 11, 2008

PM Allegedly Lied About Courting Cadman With "Financial Considerations"

I don't get it.

Using Harper's own favorite phrase from his limited vocabulary, "let me be very clear": We have a sitting PM, who has obfuscated and lied repeatedly - even gone to court with a frivolous law suit against the Liberal Party - just to try to kill the very real and dangerous (for him) story about the alleged attempted Cadman Bribe by the Conservative Party. From what we are learning today - the tape proves it - Harper was well aware of the bribe attempt.

Are we that morally confused as Canadians, that we would not create uproar over such a heinous scandal (and broken law, to boot) involving the Prime Minister of the Land? After all, it was this very same PM who in the early 2000s spent his life hammering on about a low-level scandal involving (when finally through courts) no-one from the Liberal party? This is the PM who - "let me very clear" again - sat there, cold, while the Cadman Bribe was allegedly going on, and was asking Canadians to support his "accountability"?

There is a real reason to rebuke a sitting Prime Minister, who used such shady tactics to take control (and Mr. Control-freak is all about control):
1) Alleged attempted bribe of an elected official (at least the evidence points that way pretty clearly - it'll have to go to court)
2) Election spending beyond the legal limit (In and Out Scandal) - verified by Elections Canada.
3) Falsely accusing an entire political party of things not nearly as serious as what he and his underlings did to seize control of the country...

Shame. It's a crying shame no-one is asking the serious questions this election. Where is our world-renowned media? Busy making up nothing stories about a born-Quebecer's mastery of the English language? We have a PM who was aware of an alleged (and there is some pretty damning evidence) bribe of another elected official.

Where are the questions?

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