Friday, October 03, 2008

Mr. Dion - You Have A Great Smile!

Kudos. A job well done. The debates were magnificent, and judging by the latest Nanos numbers, very effective. You are nipping at Harper's heels for forming the next government. You are also statistically tied with him as Canada's choice for best leader (Harper plummeted roughly 20% points, while you jumped an astonishing 40%!). There go two years of Conservative attack ads down the drain...

Time to beam that wonderful smile Mr. Dion. You've earned it. You have silenced the nay-sayers. Even the media-types who were against you couldn't find anything bad to say. That's a shot in the arm! Time to smile. Wear it proudly.

When you were speaking to the Montreal Chamber of Commerce today, you received a tremendous round of applause... The only thing that would have made the TV highlights more decisive would have been that dashing smile!

A few other notes:

Yes, the Cons will come up with a "platform" - just as soon as Bush and the boys down South have enough time to mail it up to him. As you may well know, they're busy taking apart the American economy right now... A bit of a crisis to say the least.

Harper's platform will have some words in it. The words may talk about a "plan" to solve a crisis. A crisis that Harper doesn't agree exists ("The fundamentals of our economy are strong" - Stephen Harper).

There may be some more words in the "Republi-Con" attempt at a platform. They will, of course, have to try to match the Liberals in promises. From a government that has put us on the verge of debt again - after decades of sound Liberal fiscal management (record surpluses AND an emergency contingency) - there will be something... something that will try to buy votes. This will most likely be a "neoCon" something - meaning it will imperil our economy further. Will it be more tax cuts? That will result in a deficit for sure! Can't cut the GST any further, realistically.

What will Steve do? Privatize half the government - to pay off his debt, then drop the GST another point? Income tax breaks? There's NO WAY he can make that happen without going into a deficit (with his plan).

Will Bush or Howard toss Harper a "life line"? You KNOW Harper has to "phone a friend"...

Whatchya gonna do Steve?

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Lizt. said...

Yes, I think a smile would make Dion appear more open. I was looking at him today and he did a shy grin, but he really needs to open up and give us a broad smile. The media may kstake to him more.