Saturday, October 11, 2008

Harper Chooses To Spend Weekend Hiding From Serious Allegations

I posted this in response to another blog tonight, but think it bears repeating... all weekend long...

Harper is thinking he will duck the media and their questions this weekend. He is terrified of the ramifications of the Cadman Scandal.

We need to call his bluff, and come out with some statements that he simply MUST answer to... We need to stand up and accuse him of perjury and bribery, or whatever it is that the charges would be with the current allegations.

Mr. Dion has to ask that question every hour, every interview. Make the media SICK of hearing it. If that's all they hear from our guy, SOMEONE WILL HEAR it, and cover it. Harper will either have to come out and speak, or seem to be hiding from the allegations.

Already our narrative should be that Harper is hiding from some very serious charges, and that voters MUST NOT LET HIM HIDE HIS WAY INTO ANOTHER GOVERNMENT...


Northern PoV said...

Dion should gently mock Harper for "hiding in plain sight" but focus on why he and his Liberal team is the better choice.

Let Harper hide.
Great message and contrast to send people to the polls with

SAII said...

that's one of things that i want Dion to do in the final days of the campaign. I'm just not sure why the liberal war room is not picking these things up. We are already creeping up there and we just need to tell Canadians who Harper truly is!

and to add one more thing, Canadians deserve to get their money back which the conservative government used to pay for this illegal election, the cadman affair, and all that he's hidden from us.