Tuesday, October 07, 2008

In Last Ditch Effort To Shore Up Core Supporters, Harper Talks Senate Reform

** When he thought a slim majority was in reach Slick Steve our "Sub-Prime Minister" was very careful not to rock the boat on sensitive issues that required the Constitution to be "re-opened". Now, with a week to go in the election campaign, and Conservative hopes fading all over (yes, even in Alberta they are taking a hit), Harper has reintroduced his talk of Senate reform.

Why now? Harper needs to ensure his "base" of right-wing reformers show up at the polls. He needs them to have a reason to come out. This is what he says:

"Speaking on Monday in Ottawa, Harper said his plans to reform the Senate are full of "common sense" and that he will proceed with the proposals if his Conservatives are re-elected next week."

More details can be found here (including Quebec's immediate response)...

But... there is probably more to this than simply a desperate attempt to "shore up the core". Harper has always been bent on the break-up of the nation, and delivering more power to Alberta and his right wing cohorts who seem to "rule" rural Canada. Seeing his chances to govern (let alone a majority) disappear, Harper is now playing what he thinks is a "hail Mary" in an attempt to muddy the waters, get his core out to vote, and put Quebec into play.

What should any true Canadian think of all this? Well, it's simply Harper reverting back to "Firewall Steve" when desperate times arrive. He wants to change the Canadian discussion to one of constitution, rather than one of economy.

Beware Canada. Mr. Hidden Agenda - our "Sub-Prime Minister" is out of the bag... Remember too, that this is all coming from a "PM" whose very first "Prime Ministerial" task was to appoint an unelected Senator - a Conservative hack - into the Senate.

How's THAT for lacking any shame?

**Credit for the image goes to the artist - MacKay Editorial Cartoons***

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