Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Nina Grewal FAILS To Answer Questions From South Asian Community

In Surrey BC, the Komagata Maru Heritage Foundation is still awaiting an answer from Nina Grewal regarding Stephen Harper's lack of an apology on the floor of Canada's Parliament.

The KMHF explains the history behind this issue the best:
In May 1914, a group of 376 passengers - 340 Sikhs, 12 Hindus, and 24 Muslims, organized specifically to test Canada's “colour bar” of exclusionary immigration policies, sailed from the Orient for Vancouver on the freighter Komagata Maru.

The ship, chartered for the voyage, had been specially fitted out to accommodate passengers instead of her usual coal cargoes. Arriving in English Bay on May 23, 1914, Komagata Maru and her passengers were caught in a tug-of-war between the vessel's organizers and the Canadian government, who refused to let them land.

When the ship was finally sent back to India, several members of the party were arrested and/or killed. This incident is one of the stark reminders of racism in Canadian society in that day and age. Representatives of the foundation had asked for a formal apology in Parliament - to be recorded in Hansard, in the public record. Mr. Harper and his office refused to do so, and there is email evidence to prove this claim by the foundation. The foundation's supporters actually suggested that Mr. Harper not show up at the "Baba Mela" (the festival) where several thousand members of BC's South Asian community commemorate the Maru incident. Harper showed up anyway - along with Nina Grewal. Organizers of the event were not impressed, as this was quite blatantly a political stunt, for Harper to garner votes in a very ethnic suburban riding.

When Harper finished speaking, he was booed as he quickly left the stage. Organizers asked why Harper refused to apologize in Parliament. No answer was given. When Nina Grewal was asked, she refused to answer, and ran off the stage behind Harper.

To this day Ms. Grewal has NOT answered this question - hiding from media and voters, and obviously supporting the "Sub-Prime Minsiter's" refusal to offer an apology in Parliament.

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