Friday, October 10, 2008

Great Friday Night For Liberals In North America

First we get this news: The Cadman tapes were NOT altered, meaning it is likely our Sub-Prime Minister was not exactly telling the truth about the attempted bribe of an honest man (whose name the Conservatives tried to drag through the mud...). Cadscam forges ahead...

Secondly, Sarah Palin - like other Conservatives we hear about - gets caught breaking the law in Alaska, by abusing power in firing a state official (who happened to have a relationship with her sister).

It is highly likely that the Republican Party, ahem, "helped" with the investigation - hoping as they have that Palin would step aside to let Mitt Romney take on the VP wanna-be role. We know that any change will generate a little excitement right now, and perhaps give the dead campaign of the Republicans a bit of a boost. The immediate impact of the Palin news, however, will be a big dip in the polls. No-one wants to vote for a would-be felon.

Quite a two-fer tonight. I know I'll sleep well - after watching tape of the rally in Brampton.

Go Team!!!

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WesternGrit said...

LOL... I just noticed how they're both doing the same wave... Must be a NeoCon thing...