Thursday, October 09, 2008

Harper Continues To Lie To Canadians About Liberal Intentions

Stephen Harper continues to ramble his bs about a "spend happy" Liberal government. This from a man who has led the highest spending government in Canadian history. A man who has flushed our hard-earned dollars down the toilet, in an attempt to shore up support for Big Oil and his rich friends.

Mr. Dion needs to run a tag-line over these last few days of the election telling Canadians:
1) The Harper government is the biggest spending (wasting) in Canadian history
2) Liberals have always bailed out Canada financially, ethically, and socially
3) Harper and Flaherty are the reasons behind the sub-prime challenges in Canada; we HAD strong laws, until these two opened the doors to US-style "0-down" mortgages with super long terms...

According to the CTF (Canadian Taxpayer's Federation - Quoted from an Edmonton Journal article): "As the CTF's Williamson points out, the Tories' record is actually worse than that of the Martin Liberals. "Mr. Martin's fiscal recklessness grew the size of government by 14 per cent over two years," he says. After the Tories' first two years in office, "Ottawa had grown another 14.8 per cent. This is higher than Mr. Martin's appalling record, making Mr. Harper a bigger- spending Conservative."
"The Calgary Stampede received nearly half a million so it could throw Quebec City -- its twin city -- a big party on the occasion of its 400th anniversary".

We've chipped away at Harper's credibility, and his leadership. Mr. Dion has repeated the "telling the truth better in both languages" line a lot. It's a good line - let's move it to later in the speeches.

We've created the small "toe-hold in the door" by casting doubt on the Conservative economic skillset... Now we need to shove our foot through, by repeating the above points at the start of every speech. It needs to be the regular soundbyte that Canadians hear. It also needs to be what they see on TV... Like during hockey on NHL opening weekend. Viewership is going to be high this weekend, with the first games of the season, baseball playoffs, and Thanksgiving.

Oh yeah... one other thing: It IS okay to campaign on Sunday and Monday. I intend to do it. It will be prime time to get people at home and talking to family... People will be sitting with their families, and they will talk. Let's hope there is a good discussion about the future of Canada.

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