Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Blind Loyalty To A Brand?

The Big Three don't deserve one red cent of our (Canadian Taxpayers') money. We should, however, ensure we look after the Canadian employees - by creating jobs in the new green economy - and providing training programs.

Right now, we are looking at supporting the horse and carriage, when everyone else is producing those new-fangled cars. C'mon Canada - get with the times. We have local companies which produce higher quality, "with the times", alternative fuel vehicles, that need our support.

Unless American (read: US) car manufacturers change their ways completely, they are going the way of the dinosaur. Don't expect them to change their ways - not when they can still sell a million F150s. They know times are "tight" right now, but think they can make it through the dark times and sell the same (there are no innovations - same V8, massaged, same platform) F150s and Blazers to the same loyal followers, who can't afford to "planned obsolescence" their old cars right now (because they are losing their houses).

Americans and Canadians should have stopped buying this crap a long time ago...

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Lizt. said...

To a certain part I agree, but my son works for a company that makes bearings, etc for cars.I do not want him to lose his job.

WesternGrit said...

I hear what you're saying... I just think that we're fighting a losing battle. I do think the "auto pact" covers the parts manufacturers, so there should be some protection there. I am referring strictly to the American-owned Big 3. I have no problem with aid packages and a bailout for the Canadian owned parts manufacturers.

Referring to the Big 3, rather than propping them up for what will most certainly only be another few months or years, we need to look to the "future economy", and perhaps this is a good jumping point. We do need to ensure we have training and alternative careers for those impacted. Unless our economic system completely changes to imitate the one in Western Europe, we won't be able to maintain our high-paying industrial jobs. We will continue to be resource based.

European auto manufacturers had serious government input into preserving their auto sector. It also helped that they produced the fuel efficient cars the whole world wanted, and didn't just look at the "likes" of one market (namely the Mid-West USA).

We haven't seen the end of this shake-out, and I think, when it all settles, we won't have much of an auto sector in North America. On the other hand, I think the parts manufacturers - like other manufacturers - need to diversify into new markets, rather than relying on the auto pact and US Market. There are other opportunities for them - beyond automotive. We may even be able to get them focused on manufacturing parts for mass transit vehicles (LRTs, buses, etc.).