Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Will It Be Prentice Or Baird?

"Dead man walking", or "Mr. Rabies"?

Harper thought he had skillfully tossed the Liberals into the national political quagmire. He had. Until this morning. Today, a very big person, Bob Rae, stood down in his quest for party leadership. In doing so, he did some things that a Stephen Harper could NEVER do: compromise, stand down, discuss things like a human being, cooperate.

This is a glaring difference between Liberals and the most rabid of Conservatives. While they know nothing but "nuke em", Liberals understand nuance, negotiation, diplomacy, and cooperation. It is in the very definition of being Liberal. Today's events reflect that.

At a time when Canadians have been exposed to the most negative and dastardly underbelly of Conservative "hate politics", they will see two men - no, an entire party - rising above to focus on dealing with the problems of the nation, rather than individual gain.

Stephen Harper set a tone last week, when he ran to the Governor General, and did what he could to protect his own job. He chose his job over the jobs of tens of thousands of Canadians. The Liberal Party is going to turn the tables on Harper, and bring the discussion back to jobs, and back to what we can do to create them.

Canadians are tired of Harper's angry tone. Mr. Harper will be asked to change, and be more diplomatic, more conciliatory. We all know this is a change he cannot make. His own party knows it. We ask, will it be Prentice or Baird who moves first? Will Bernard Lord step in? I was approached by his people (a Calgary MP) less than 2 years ago (yes - while they had just stepped into government).

Time for Harper to "sit in the corner" for a while - maybe for good.

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Anonymous said...

Ignatieff lacks the legitimacy to take on Harper. And that's really too bad.

Anonymous said...

Harper's not going anywhere. He's the best leader for our country.

WesternGrit said...

"Harper's not going anywhere". Uh... good luck with that. I'm sure you (as an anonymous Con poster) know at LEAST what I know (and probably WHO I know in your camp). The "blind faith" is not there anymore (and really never was). It was all about fear. Now that some folks have been overlooked for cabinet too often, or perhaps put in a bad light by the furious leader, a change looks pretty good.

Let's see... End of last week Canadians (and the media) were asking for the heads of BOTH leaders. They got one. Guess which one said "no"? Of course. The angry, stubborn, tyrant.

If you know the "rumbling" I'm pointing out, you're being pretty partisan with your comments. Keep looking over your shoulders!

ps: Harper is NOT a leader, and he showed as much by turning tail and running, and closing the Parliament to save his own job, while millions of Canadians are under the threat of losing theirs'.

Ignatieff is going to be appointed interim leader, the be duly elected by a huge majority of Liberals in May. All processes legit. As someone who has been a member of this party since Trudeau's time, I can tell you the process was very legit. I know it is hard for someone like yourself, who probably went from Progressive Conservative, to Reform, to Alliance, CCRAP, to "Regressive Conservative" - a history of parties with rules as diverse as their membership was not.

Dante said...

Funny about you liberals. You've picked 2 liberal leaders who couldn't beat harper and now you presume to pick a leader for the party who keeps ripping you a new one.