Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Conservative MPs To Join "Grand Coalition"

From highly placed Liberal sources:

We're hearing confirmed reports of high level discussions with Conservative MPs regarding joining the Dion/Layton/Duceppe "Grand Coalition. Sources indicate that the MPs are "progressives", and are extremely upset with Harper.

The Conservative "floor crossers" will NOT sit in the Liberal Caucus. They will be part of the "Grand Coalition" as "Independent Conservatives".

As of posting, it has not been confirmed by our highly placed sources just when this "walk" will take place, but it is either to be Monday, or with further Harper shenanigans, after the fall of the government. Sources say these MPs could be part of the coalition cabinet. This certainly explains why cabinet members have not been named yet.

More local news hints that MP Nina Grewal is having "serious discussions" with senior BC Liberals. It appears however that the Liberals involved are not too keen on having anything to do with the Grewals (now, or in the future). Sources close to Calgary MP Lee Richardson say, "he's outta here" (referring to Harper). They also indicate that Jim Prentice is prepared to step in.

The battle between the neo-Conserva-fascist Reform Party "Guard" group and progressives on the Conservative side is starting to come to a head. Former PCs are ready to walk according to sources.

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A BCer in Toronto said...

Michael Chong was the only Conservative in the house during QP today not to join in the standing ovations for Harper, says the CBC. Very interesting...

sassy said...

um, I think I may have seen this someplace else just a few minutes ago, just can't recall where :)

James Bowie said...

I can confirm that this story is true. I can name names, but I won't.

This is very, very exciting.

JCKelan said...

The PQ likes this coalition that you are forming with their separatist cousins. Doesn’t this cause you concern? If it’s good for the separatists, is it good for Canada?

Is this your legacy?

Think again!

JC Kelan

PQ says Quebec can be 'winner' under new coalition
Updated Tue. Dec. 2 2008 7:54 AM ET
The Canadian Press
MONTREAL -- Parti Quebecois Leader Pauline Marois is applauding the possibility Quebec could emerge as a winner and "get things" from Ottawa under a new coalition federal government.
Marois suggested on Monday the participation of her party's federal cousin - the sovereigntist Bloc Quebecois - in governing Canada might result in gains for Quebec.
She offered little indication of what benefits she envisioned but she has lambasted Liberal Premier Jean Charest in recent days for allegedly remaining silent while Ottawa revised its equalization formula in a way that would slash transfer payments to Quebec by $1 billion.
She appeared to be referring to that equalization change as she replied to a question about the coalition deal during a provincial election campaign stop Monday. But Marois stopped in mid-sentence, perhaps aware of the political sensitivity surrounding the issue.
"If the Bloc Quebecois can get things for Quebec while Jean Charest is on his knees. . ." Marois said, her voice trailing off.
"It's Quebec that will come out the winner," she continued.

Anonymous said...

It'd be nice if this were true, although Blogging Tories is reporting the opposite, that Liberals are lining up to defect.

I really don't have much faith in either rumour so I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

David said...

WG: I've posted on a previous blog entry that I think it's imperative that we open the doors in nonpartisan spirit. This would be a good step in this direction, provided that it's not handled improperly.

Raging Ranter said...

The ones who didn't stand were Rob Nicholson and Jim Prentice. Though Michael Chong wouldn't surprise me. In any case, no way would Prentice and/or Nicholson split. Chong seems somewhat more likely.

RuralSandi said...

Let's get this clear - it is not a coalition of the three.

It's a coalition between the NDP and the Liberals and the BLOC have agreed to support the agenda items.

The Mound of Sound said...

Great posts on this subject WG. Driving rightwing Republicans out of Canadian politics would be a relief. Harper has bullied his own as much as he has the opposition and the Canadian people. The sooner we see his heels the better.

I read an item in an Edmonton newspaper yesterday that said Harper's best weapon right now is the abject ignorance of so many Canadians as to the nature and working of their parliamentary democracy. It takes considerable ignorance to see this as some sort of insidious coup. Not suprising that the CanWest people are playing on that same ignorance.