Monday, December 08, 2008

How It SHOULD Have Been Done...

What should the 2 leaders have done, to better affect the coalition?  

How about this:

1) Perhaps talk about defeating the government publicly, but DON'T talk about a coalition.

2) Let Harper create the conditions for his defeat - pig-headed singularity, no compromise, while our leaders, day after day, express public concerns about the Harper policy line.

3) KEY POINT - Let the DAY of the vote come.  Don't have some idiotic press conference days before a vote, allowing Harper a week of "wiggle room".  You can do the press conference 1/2hr before the vote (or not at all).  YOU CAN send the GG a letter expressing your "readiness", and the existence of an agreement.  

4) Defeat the government.  THEN show opposition solidarity, and show a coalition "newly formed" which was ready to take on governing.

The fact that it never happened this way may mean a couple of things.  The NDP never really intended to see this through.  They simply took advantage of Dion's lack of political savvy.  They simply wanted to hold Harper's feet to the fire...  Secondly, either Dion knew this, and let it go too far, or he was completely unaware and wandered into a trap...

Either way, it may all be water under the bridge now.

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Anonymous said...

Oh so you guys have the hidden agenda, now. You think springing something like that on the people would have made any difference in the anger of the average Canadian voter?

WesternGrit said...

That's how it is traditionally done, moron. That is exactly how the last Conservative coalition government did it. Go to school or something. Learn about your country BEFORE you spout off your partisan mouth.

By the way, by the words you wrote "anonymously" (because you're obviously sitting in the Conservative war room right now), you are admitting YOU guys have a hidden agenda? Thanks.

wilson said...

I'm pretty sure the element of surprise is just not there now.
PMSH is well prepared for any future attempts to seize government.

Libs were surprised by the prorogue move,
don't yah think PMSH has a few more legal moves he can make?

The GG had PMSH in conference for 2 hours.
Was PMSH advising the GG on the (many times used) precedent of appointed governments having to , with in 6 months of taking office,
and conduct byelections.
(not the opposition, just the government has to have byelections, 6 months)

WesternGrit said...

Wilson: I see nothing wrong with your point about the 6 months and an election (yeah, I'm not sure I believed that myself). There HAS TO BE an election in October 09 anyways - that is the LAW of the land, as Mr. Harper has proscribed.

I agree that Steve has a "heads-up" now... and that's a good thing, considering the guillotine hanging over it...