Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Nation Building

Liberals have always been the party of nation-building.  When we look back on this moment years from now, we may recall it as another one of those great "nation-building" moments (like the great medicare debate).  Like each other time, we will take some lumps, and some criticism.  People will talk about what we are doing as "wrong".  Hey, people were shocked when Mr. Trudeau got the government out of the bedrooms of our nation.  You would find that most Canadians were against it at the time.  You should have heard the outcry over universal healthcare.  We were actually called communists!

Other parties have promised things to Quebec. They have tried to buy votes. They have borrowed the Bloc's votes and support (Harper, Harper, Harper,...). Harper has actually signed a "letter of intent" with them - when he co-signed a letter to the GG a few years back.

Perhaps the way to bring Quebec "in" is to include them in the actual GOVERNING of this land, or at least have an 18-month long "say"? We can see eye to eye with them on most all social issues.  Realistically what Bloc supporters in Quebec want is similar to what Liberal or NDP voters in the rest of Canada want: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness (or something like that).

Great things could come from such an arrangement.  Think of universal childcare, increased healthcare spending, Northern development, transit funding, real care for the environment, and of course the measures required to save this economy from the Conservatives "hack and slash" machine.

This could be the "magic bullet", that brings Quebec "in".  It will, at the very least, sedate sovereign"ist" ideas for a while.  Heck, the only reason one would want to "separate" is if you can never have your say.  Well, here's your chance.

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Tootrusting said...

Harper is playing a very dangerous game with Canada by attacking the idea of the BLOC having influence in parliament at a time when polls show over 70% of Quebecor's want in on the coalition, this is playing right into the separatists hands. They want in and now Canada doesn't want them, their elected representatives aren't good enough, at least that's the way they will play it.
He is playing to his base and at the risk of Canada.