Thursday, December 11, 2008

Greens, Liberals Googled Much More Than Conservatives - Expert

An expert web researcher this morning was commenting on Canadians' Google search habits.  He indicated we like to type less, and we tend to type in as few words as possible, then click away.  He talked about the typical searches (Brittney Spears, etc., etc.), but what caught my attention was the political searches.

The expert stated that in political searches the Green Party and Liberal Party were searched far more than the Conservatives.  THIS IS GREAT NEWS FOR PARTY FUNDRAISERS.  If you need to ask me why, you shouldn't be in a fund-raising role with the Liberal Party of Canada.  Simply put, we want to "top-list" our fund-raising and informational links on Google searches.  We want to utilize "Google Ads" as well.  

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It would also be helpful to any type of "on-line" presence we want to create, since it resonates with young voters - the kind of voters we want to bring to the forefront.

I've built a career doing this kind of stuff.  If you have any questions, me or a variety of Liberal Bloggers would certainly be able to help.

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