Monday, December 22, 2008

Let Harper Wear His "Recession Sweater" - We Will All Be In Our Warm "Iggy-wear"

I've been wearing my "ignatieff" scarf for some time (yes, it does get dry-cleaned). I've often received very "interested" comments about my "ignatieff" t-shirts (not about supporting Michael, but about how nice the actual shirt is). In 3 airports, after the Montreal convention, I was approached about my t-shirt. I was approached on the street in Montreal - not by Liberals, and not by homeless persons - about my scarf.

There is no winter fashion accessory quite as "chic" as a bold red scarf. Cool t-shirts are always in. There's no rule that says our t-shirts have to be moribund, bland ones with block letters, and maybe a Liberal logo somewhere. Barack Obama's t-shirts never had any Democrat logo on them. People shy away from "party affiliation", but they WILL don a cool t-shirt.

Looking at the great political movement down South, one thing that gets me (and makes a lot of sense) is how they managed to market the man (you know who - I've sworn off too many references to him). Any cool person had a neat, artistic "Hope" shirt, or "Change" shirt. Much funds were raised with these t's, caps, scarves, buttons, bumper stickers, etc.

As a party - after the 3 most recent leadership contests, we FAILED to win on the marketing front. Sure, we're not JUST about leadership, but hey - if we can sell some t-shirts? A stylized, bold, red t-shirt would be a much in demand fashion accessory. To be honest, our "Liberal Store" online has been relatively non-existent, and lacking any real imagination. Not sure who is responsible for this, but it may be time for a "change".

Get out there Liberals, and wear your "ignatieff" wear. Don your "Grit" caps and LPC touques. Join the "I Wear Iggy Swag" Facebook Group!

Edit: I've contacted the Ignatieff HQ, and am championing this cause. We need to keep on them. Original ideas (borrowed from our Democrat friends) are hard to come by. Too bad we didn't have a whole new line of "Liberal Wear" in time for Christmas... I'm making t-shirts out here, but the "Iggy" designs were something else. We need more of them.

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Joseph Uranowski said...

Is there a place you can buy Iggy stuff of the net now?

WesternGrit said...

I'm working on it... Contacted the campaign. Also looking to get some creative talents involved in new designs, etc.

saii said...

Yes I want to know some info about this as well. I've been looking for these since the 2006 leadership campaign; I got some pins though.

Fresh Meat said...

I want some stuff too! I've been looking forward to sporting it with pride and style but can never seem to get my hands on any. =(