Monday, December 15, 2008

Three Canadians Missing In Niger - And It's Not Election Time

Another sad scenario in Africa, involving Canadian foreign workers.

Foreign Affairs is "on the job", but they quite openly have made this public - and there are no demands being made at this point. Probably the fact that there is no election helped make this public...?

"A spokesman for Canada's Foreign Affairs Department said consular officials have been in touch with the families of the missing Canadians."

Hmmm... DURING the election a Canadian gets kidnapped, and NO MEDIA COVERAGE. Now, (even though the Connies are in "full-tilt" election mode), with no current election, this story makes the news, and FA officials are giving public interviews? Not only are Canadian private citizens missing, BUT also a DIPLOMAT - which is a HUGE TARGET for prospective kidnappers and trouble-makers.

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foottothefire said...

Hmm, indeed. The entire civil service has been silenced. No more reports. No more press conferences. Sounds like Alberta, all over again.