Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Does He Look Like He's On Trial?

Very poignant image of Harper today... with Dion looking on in the background.  I believe this image was on the CBC site.  It appears that Harper is on trial.  Not far from the truth.  The angle of the picture reveals Harper on a side view, and the topography of his face is certainly unflattering...  He appears sad, frustrated, almost like a hurt little boy.

Nah!  I certainly do not feel sorry for him, even being a former resident of Calgary SW...

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Anonymous said...

Bullies always have that look about the time they realize they're getting their own teeth kicked in. It's the "I was just jokin' around, honest" look.

MississaugaPeter said...

As a former SW Calgarian myself (Cedarbrae), I also would never show any empathy for the circumstance the arrogant bully has placed himself in.