Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Conservatives "Distorting The Truth"... Just A Little...

Harper pretends he never took Grade 10 Social Studies, and misguides Canadians, telling them the coalition is a "coup".

Harper conveniently forgets that he co-signed a letter to the Governor General in 2005, identifying a Bloc-backed coalition to defeat Mr. Martin's Liberals...

Stockwell Day forgets, conveniently, about his own deal with the Bloc as Alliance Leader...

Conservative MPs are stating the Bloc has "veto power", when the agreement clearly states the Bloc will support all the economic/fiscal measures until June 2010. The Bloc has agreed to support the coalition until then. Similar to supporting the Conservatives 140 times over several sessions, the Bloc have simply agreed to do it for a protracted time period.

Is this group dementia, poisoned kool-aid, or just pure chicanery? Do they actually believe the Canadian public takes lies well?

If the Bloc really wanted to disrupt Parliament, they would have defeated every single government since Martin - just to cause trouble. They haven't. They want stability and what's good for the people of Quebec, just as the Liberals, NDP, and Greens do.

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