Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Send a Message To The Networks - Do Your Job And Explain The Legality Of The Coalition

I sent the following note to the CBC feedback email.  I urge All bloggers to do something similar.  The CBC and others are failing the Canadian people by not explaining that the coalition is a legal and normal part of Parliamentary politics, and reflects the will of every party (except the Conservatives).

Send a message to all media outlets...

"Not sure why you people at CBC aren't interpreting this story vis-a-vis the laws of the land? We are governed by the British Parliamentary system, and in that system the majority of MPs decide who the Prime Minister will be - with Royal Ascent.

The majority of Parliament is supporting a coalition government. A majority of MPs have lost their confidence in Mr. Harper. This has built over 2 years - with Harper's bullying and childish behavior. The "fiscal update" just sent it over the edge. For two years Harper has broken election financing rules, spent tax payer funds on partisan 10%ers when there wasn't even an election going on, and bullied people into submission. The MPs ARE the people. In our system, they choose the PM.

It is time CBC started reporting both sides more equally, and explained the way our system works to the electorate. We need to hear an explanation of Parliamentary workings, and we need to explain that the coalition is completely legal and represents a clear MAJORITY on Parliament".


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