Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Take THAT, Stephen Harper! Liberals Unite Under One Banner

What's best for the party...

... Just happened.

Liberals got together, and did what was best for the party.  They avoided a crisis.  Mr. Rae showed how big a man he really is.  Not only is he an exceptional "retail politician", but he is clearly thinking of the greater good.  He will be a great Deputy PM.

Mr. Rae's decision today really lets everyone in the party know that it would be ludicrous to argue this decision.  Mr. Rae was thinking party first, and that is a great thing.  A selfless act.  

Let's ensure we vote overwhelmingly for our new leader in May in Vancouver.

Take THAT Stephen Harper!

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, take THAT Liberal grassroots and membership, which have been totally bypassed. How can Liberals say with any credibility now that Harper doesn’t respect democracy when the Liberals have demonstrated that they cannot even do as much that when selecting their own leader?

The Liberal party has been irrevocably damaged by this. Good job guys.

Christopher said...

You're right. This decision isn't a decision to be argued, but respected.

However, I am disappointed, as a member of the party, that it has rejected a one member one vote system in favour of back-room deals and old style networks of cronies.

The Liberal party is in serious trouble. The type of renewal and structural change that Rae was advocating was and is sorely needed. One can only hope that Ignatieff is up to the challenge - I however, remain convinced that an opportunity has been missed.

The Mound of Sound said...

You're right WG. Bob Rae understood the gravity of the moment and did the right thing. Now we need to purge the party of the petty infighting, unite behind Ignatieff and rebuild the LPC. I am immensely relieved at this development.

Anonymous said...

Take that Harper?

You appointed a leader as oppose to electing one.

The new leader supports torture and the Iraq war taking two key arguments against Harper off the table. Iggy is more pro-Bush than Harper.

The coalition is dead and so is the threat to Harper's job

While you have a new leader, the party is still broke, without a platform, and divided.

You still have all the baggage from the political capital lost in the coalition. NDP economics and willing to sell federalism for power.

I bet Harper is shaking in fear right now.

WesternGrit said...

Uh... NO-ONE appointed anyone. Mr. Rae stood down from the leadership contest, and the democratically elected MPs and executive of the LPoC did their DUTY as proscribed by the party constitution and found a replacement.

This was BY THE BOOK, and like votes in Parliament, VERY democratic.

WesternGrit said...

Also... the membership will get to vote for who-ever is standing at the Convention. This is not a lot different from 04, when Mr. Martin was basically "acclaimed". I think everyone in the party just realized we would waste a ton of money and time better spent going after Harper.

I spoke with some Conservative confidants in Calgary, who quite openly told me that "The ball is back in Harper's court, and he's 'whiffed' it" (this is a campaign manager and now office manager for a current MP).

Harper is done. Have fun with your leadership fellas!