Tuesday, December 02, 2008

CTV Angus Reid Poll Supports Coalition!

From the CTV interpretation, you'd think the public was split 50/50 on the issue...

ACTUALLY, the poll shows that 42% of Canadians support the coalition governing, while far fewer believe Harper should carry on.  40%-plus in most elections pretty much means a "majority" government.  A score of 40% to 35% means a win in anyone's books.  

Tonight's poll shows that over 40% of Canadians support the Coalition.  Now look below and note CTV's wording of that.  They start out by specifically stating that 35% of Canadians want the Conservative Party to carry on.  Then, almost secondarily, they state that 40% "want change".  What change?  Well, it's not a change of underwear, that's for sure.  They could lead the story with a "40% of Canadians support the coalition", while 35% are against, and 25% are "undecided".  Nooooo... they have to fudge the numbers to help their Conservative friends.  I guess they really are "CTV - Conservative TV".

"In the midst of a coalition showdown, Canadians are deeply divided on whether the Conservatives deserve to stay in power, with 35 per cent saying the party should continue to govern and 40 per cent wanting change, according to an Angus Reid Strategies poll for CTV News.

If the government does collapse, respondents were equally split on whether a coalition government would be the best option for Canada.

Slightly more than a third of Canadians said they would support a coalition government formed by the opposition, when asked about their preferred solution if the government falls:

  • Opposition coalition: 37 per cent
  • Holding a federal election: 32 per cent
  • No sure: 24 per cent
  • Allowing the opposition to run by accord: 7 per cent"

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Anonymous said...

Here's my opinion:

The opposition’s recent vigilante actions are not only an insult to the Canadian electorate, but also a mockery of Canada’s democracy. It is all too clear that the opposition has no chance of gaining the popular vote, and therefore has resorted to underhanded tactics in a last-ditch effort to gain power by force. “Communist Coalition”would more aptly convey the essence of this cancerous uprising.

By choosing the worst of times to divide our country and government, the opposition has not only shown its true colors, but has demonstrated that it cares nothing for the welfare of our country, and has only politics and selfish gain at heart. What is the coalition’s plan for solving the crisis? Throw money at it. And where will that get us? Into such phenomenal debt that we will have to sell off another territory or province, no doubt. Will Canadians stand still as the coalition attempts to forge for themselves a blank check? A government that spends wrecklessly Canada definitely does not need.

The Harper government is clear, decisive, and prudent in its plan to curb the effects and severity of the inevitable recession. Mr. Harper is determined to effect changes in policy and systems, implementing cost-saving measures that will gradually but surely turn the tides. His integrity, transparency, and long-term vision put to shame the impulsive quick fixes suggested by the coalition, that will only serve to undermine the future financial stability of our nation.

The people of Canada have spoken loud and clear at the polls. How dare the coalition trample over our rights? If the coalition forces another election, wasting hundreds of millions in taxpayer dollars, I urge Canadians to stand united and not give the coalition a single vote!

James Wong,
Vancouver, BC

WesternGrit said...

Any you would be one of those "conciliatory Conservatives", right?