Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Pierre Bourque - More Paid Conservative Advertising?

Gotta call "bullshit" on this one...

Bourque Ignatieff Story.

"Sources" my ass. I have well-placed sources in Iggy HQ that say "fuck no".

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Anonymous said...

Want news, here it is. Dion is having discussions with at least two Conservative MPs and one prominent Conservative member outside caucus. They are in discussions on them supporting the Coalition. They will NOT caucus with the Liberals but will sit as Independent Conservatives. Dion is trying to turn this into a Grand Coalition, and he's very close to doing it. It will mean a Conservative Cabinet Minister or two, at the expense of Liberal members, but it will mean a Grand Coalition of all parties in the House of Commons to deal with the worst economic crisis since the Depression. Dion is trying to leave his legacy. There's two ways this may play out. Either the floor crossings will happen Monday or they will not show up for the vote and will be named to cabinet once Dion is called upon to form government. There are a lot of angry Conservatives out there and this is making for great pickings.

Anonymous said...

So the at least part of the Bourque story is legit? That's not good.