Saturday, December 20, 2008

Time To Make Harper Wear His "Recession Sweater"

I don't believe the change in Liberal leadership should be about the immediate changing of the guard in Ottawa - it is more about the pieces being in place for the gradual defeat of the Conservative Party. This is due to a much stronger leader in Mr. Ignatieff, AND (more importantly) a Liberal Party united behind him. This is reflecting a media which was not so kind to Mr. Dion after his victory. These very pundits were "doubtful" at best about Mr. Dion back then (sure, they didn't lambaste him right away, but it was the doubt from the start that did him in). Mr. Ignatieff is much more liked in the media - both in English AND French Canada. This is the first step. Media won't turn on him unless he really screws up (unlike Dion who came out of the gates with a lot of media enemies and a Harper with the "teflon" reputation).

The focus is now going to be about Harper pulling us out of a recession/depression (whatever he wants to call it today). A recession he's been denying for months, in a crisis which has been known for over a year. With Dion in command I supported a coalition - it was HIS only hope, with a potential election call coming, and party looking "un-ready". With Mr. Ignatieff entrenched as leader we can be tactful, diplomatic, and (while holding a possible Parliamentary defeat over Harper's head), FORCE HARPER to be more moderate - while (most importantly) LETTING HIM WEAR THIS CRISIS FOR A FEW MORE MONTHS. Once he's wearing his "Recession Sweater", we can take him to task on the legally mandated "set" election date - which is set for this coming October. Harper can break his own law if he wants, but it will cost him. Meanwhile, we'll be carefully navigating our way to the top of the polls over the next several months.

Tactics come into play with greater ease when you have a united party - and all your best tacticians at hand. One look at the Ignatieff Christmas Party in Ottawa gives any Liberal a ton of hope.

Time to make Harper wear his "Recession Sweater".

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I am really awaiting 26th January. With Dion, Liberals have been weak, but will this change help? Liberals will be still the party which suffered big loss in last election. Maybe it will ease the tension (?) with Bloc and the coalition can be finally real, but still, I think there will be new election and Liberals will have very similar results...
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