Monday, December 01, 2008

What's Going On? Well...

It seems "unconfirmed Liberal sources" are indicating that there is some discussion between primarily Mr. Ignatieff and Mr. Dion over the leadership of the new coalition.  

It also seems that these "unconfirmed sources" are being quoted by the neo-partisan CTV and National Pest variety of "reporters" (actually editorialists POSING as journalists).  

Wonder what these folks would have to gain while, oh, I don't know, pretty much every single Liberal, Bloc, and NDP MP is in some sort of "private discussion" regarding a coalition?

Just love it when the press/media don't have an f'n clue what's going on...  Love it!

What do I know?  

1) There is a deal between the Liberals and NDP, with Bloc support

2) If the Cons in future want to defeat the coalition (before the 2.5 years), they will have to do it with Bloc help...  The same Bloc they are pillorying today.

3) Stephen Harper's political career is done.  Supporters of Jim Prentice and John Baird are openly campaigning for their choice for Con leader

4) This is how Parliament works:  MPs are the representatives of their ridings and the Canadian People.  A majority of MPs can select a PM and form government.  This has always been this way, and there are numerous historical precedents.  This is very democratic, and if you ask the 2/3s of Canadians who supported those parties, they would agree

5) 2/3s of Canadians will have their voices heard in Parliament for the first time since, since, since... hmmm...  Would probably be the last coalition government we had, or one of the last RESPECTFUL MINORITY governments (of Pearson).


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