Friday, December 19, 2008

Harper On Senate Reform: "No-one Wants It?!#$%"

Yeah... Not a direct quote... But here is the real deal:

"In a way, it's a sad day for me," said Harper in an interview with ATV. "I've waited for three years. We've invited provinces to hold elections. We've put an electoral bill before the House of Commons. But for the most part, neither in Parliament nor in the provinces has there been any willingness to move forward on reform."

If it wasn't so PAINFULLY OBVIOUS... jeez Stevie, the Provinces don't want it. Parliament (the voice of the PEOPLE of Canada - even though you've demented everyone's perception of that little technicality) doesn't want it.

Does this tell ya somethin' ol' Stevie Boy? Yeah... we know - you're creating a situation over here... to take the attention away from that little "economic dealy" over there... You know with certainty, that this is just a play to shore up your "base" while you prep for another (yes, another $400,000,000 election). You know you can't "reform" the Senate when the country doesn't want to. Yeah... yeah... we know you will "load" it, then create some sort of crisis in the Red Chamber - then mobilize the masses with book-burning rallies to try to sway public opinion, but you will go too far.

Education about our political system is starting to be an issue Steve. The media won't let you lie so easily anymore. Neither will Mr. Ignatieff.

Merry Christmas Steve.

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Skinny Dipper said...

I would love Senate reform, but not Harper's version. If he is serious about Senate reform, he needs to start constitutional negotiations with the provinces.